Where's the money?


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Where’s the money 


Samantha Hauptman


How to extrapolate real market sizes from data gathering

Harsh reality of finances

What numbers of investors need to see?

When is a business profitable?


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Team project work 

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Team project work 

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Concept of the day



Samantha Hauptman

Samantha joined Oxford Science Enterprises in April 2022 as an Associate in the Tech team. Samantha is on secondment from Tanarra Capital, an Australasian alternative asset manager.

At Tanarra Capital, Samantha works across public and private equity as an Investment Associate in Venture Capital and the LTV Fund, which is a private-equity style of investing in Australian and New Zealand public companies. Her roles across these two funds include portfolio management, managing portfolio companies and investment due diligence. Previously, Samantha was an investment banking analyst at a boutique advisory firm, focusing on M&A and corporate financings for technology companies.

Prior to this, Samantha interned at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the investment banking division. She holds a Master of Finance from the University of Melbourne.