Lunch fireside chat with
Leah Thompson


12:30 – 13:30

LUNCH provided

Leah Thompson

Enterprise Manager

 Enterprising Oxford,

 University of Oxford



Leah Thompson

Connecting people, programmes and opportunities in entrepreneurship. Somewhat adventurous, always adaptable, she is constantly building up my knowledge and skills to become more than the titles on my work experience. She loves both the excitement of new challenges and the safety of comfortable environments.

Having worked for a variety of companies in different industry sectors, She has built up my repertoire of skills and experiences, using them in my following roles. She has pruned fruit trees, built databases for soil analysis, contact management, sales order processing, and airport repair scheduling. She is built websites and developed social media strategies. She has worked for startups, worked on behalf of startups and run projects like startups. She has walked miles in many different shoes, becoming well placed for any challenge or experience life may throw at me. She is happy to help, whenever and wherever possible.